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Jacinta Richardson jarich at perltraining.com.au
Wed Jun 18 16:06:49 EST 2003

Good afternoon.

I feel awful about the lateness of this invitation as I gave the
Melbourne LinuxChix at least 4 weeks notice before the first course, not
1 and a half!  I did post a similar message to announce about 8 weeks
ago covering both courses but I should have invited you personally as

I work for Perl Training Australia and we're running public Welcome to
Perl courses in Sydney next week and mid-July.   These courses cover
everything from how to write simple Perl scripts to how to use
references to build complex data structures.

Introduction to Perl	-  	Friday 27th June 2003
Intermediate Perl	-	Friday 11th July 2003

Further information about each of these courses can be found at

It is not too late to book a place in the Introduction course
(although places are limited).

We'd usually require full payment by Friday this week to be eligble
for the $40 per person early bird discount on the Intermediate Perl
course.  However, if you book before Friday this week and mention this
email, we'll be happy to extend the payment date until next Friday
(the 27th of June).

I'm also very, very happy to provide a $20 discount per person, per
course to anyone who mentions LinuxChix when making a booking.

Course costs are $440 per person, per course (including GST).  An even
further discount of $20 per person, per course applies to bookings of 3
or more people.

To register your interest in these courses please visit our booking
page at

All the best,

	Jacinta Richardson

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