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This one covers my book! Wow!

Jenn V.

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O'Reilly User Group Program
June 13, 2003

Please share this information with your members...

Highlights This Week:
Book News
-Essential CVS
-Learning Perl Objects, References & Modules
-Java Web Services in a Nutshell
-Packaged Composite Applications
-Linux Security Cookbook
Upcoming Events
-David Jordan & Craig Russell (Java Data Objects), JavaRanch Online
Author Forum--June 17-20
-Visit O'Reilly at Apple WWDC June 23-27
-Jesse Liberty ("Programming C#, 3rd Ed"), .NET User Group 
of Greater Boston, Waltham, MA--July 9
-OSCON-New Sessions Added on MySQL
-Community Software at OSCON
-Congratulations to Lee Williamson of the Portland Area .NET User Group
-Sun, O'Reilly, and CollabNet Partner to Develop java.net
-A Musician's Take on File Sharing, DRM, and Copyleft Licensing
-Etech 2003 Stories
-O'Reilly Book Sales Expectations
-Put Up an O'Reilly ThinkGeek Banner, Get A Free Book
-Embedded Systems, Linux, and the Future
-Running Arbitrary Scripts Under CVS
-JSP Progress Bars
-Using Regular Expressions and XML Classes to Parse Your Log Files
-Visualizing XSLT in SVG
-Deadline for Second Innovators Contest Nears
-Knowing When to Let Go: Better Living Through Memory Management
-Need a Free Exhibit Guest Pass for Macworld CreativePro in New York?
Book News
Review books are available--email me for a copy.

***Please include the book order number on your requests.

Let me know if you need your books by a certain date.
Allow at least four weeks for shipping. 
Send or email me copies of your newsletters and book reviews.

Don't forget, your members get 20% off any O'Reilly book they purchase
directly from O'Reilly. Just use code DSUG when ordering.

***Group purchases with better discounts are available***
Please let me know if you are interested.

Press releases are available on our press page:

***Essential CVS
Order Number: 4591
"Essential CVS" shows you how to apply order, using CVS, to the task of
managing large quantities of documents, code, web site content, and
more. The book covers basic concepts and usage of CVS, and features a
comprehensive reference for CVS commands. You'll also find advanced
information on automation, logging, branching and merging, and
"watches." With Essential CVS you can have it all: the order that CVS
brings and the comprehensive documentation you need.

Chapter 2, "CVS Quickstart Guide," is available online:

***Learning Perl Objects, References & Modules
Order Number: 4788
"Learning Perl Objects, References & Modules" picks up where "Learning
Perl" leaves off. The book offers a gentle introduction to the world of
references, object-oriented programming, and the use of Perl modules.
Like "Learning Perl," each chapter in "Learning Perl Objects" is
designed to be small enough to be read in an hour or two, and each ends
with exercises to practice what you've learned. This book covers
everything that separates the Perl dabbler from the Perl programmer.

Chapter 3, "Introduction to References," is available online:

***Java Web Services in a Nutshell
Order Number: 3994
"Java Web Services in a Nutshell" is a high-speed tutorial to the
technologies Sun Microsystems is creating to implement web services
with Java. This book offers a succinct introduction and a handy
reference to the Java/XML APIs, more commonly known as the Java Web
Services Development Pack. Filled with practical information, the book
provides Java developers with everything they need to know to use J2EE
APIs for web services, as well as to program with JAX-RPC.

Chapter 3, "SAAJ," is available online:

***Packaged Composite Applications
Order Number: 5520
"Packaged Composite Applications" is the result of a systematic search
through the brain trust of SAP for all of the relevant arguments,
examples, concepts, and analogies related to Packaged Composite
Applications (PCAs). The book combines the approach of a
forward-looking analyst with the perspective of an executive who must
make things work, without skimping on the relevant technical details.
Learn about the ideas driving PCAs forward in the marketplace, and the
problems and solutions that executives and technologists will encounter
in implementation.  http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/pkgcompaps/

***Linux Security Cookbook
Order Number: 3919
"Linux Security Cookbook" is a system saver. It includes real solutions
to a wide range of targeted problems, such as sending encrypted email
within Emacs, restricting access to network services at particular
times of day, firewalling a web server, preventing IP spoofing, setting
up key-based SSH authentication, and much more. With over 150
ready-to-use scripts and configuration files, this unique book helps
administrators secure their systems without having to look up specific

Sample recipes from Chapter 9, "Testing and Monitoring," are available

Upcoming Events
***For more events, please see:

***David Jordan & Craig Russell (Java Data Objects), JavaRanch Online
Author Forum --June 17-20 
Authors David Jordan and Craig Russell ride up to the JavaRanch for
four days, answering questions and responding to Forum topics. On the
last day, four winners will be randomly selected from all Forum
participants to win a copy of the book.

***Visit O'Reilly at Apple WWDC June 23-27
We'll have a great new selection of Mac developer books to choose from
at this show.  

June 23-27, 2003
Moscone Center
747 Howard Street
San Francisco, CA

***Jesse Liberty ("Programming C#, 3rd Ed"), .NET User Group of Greater
Boston, Waltham, MA--July 9
Jesse Liberty will be presenting a session, "An Introduction to Web
Services, " for creating and consuming web services with an
introduction to the underlying technologies of XML, XSD, WSDL, and

July 9, 5:00pm-6:30pm
Microsoft Corporation
201 Jones Road
Waltham, MA 02451

Conference News
***OSCON-New Sessions Added on MySQL
Jeremy D. Zawodny, software engineer with Yahoo!, is slated to teach
two sessions titled Benchmarking MySQL Queries and MySQL Scaling Pains
on Friday, July 11.

***Community Software at OSCON
Get in touch with your fellow OSCON attendees during the convention. A
variety of community software tools will be available for you to meet,
chat, and network with other like-minded folks. We'll provide
information on how to log on during the week of the convention.

There is still time to register. User Group Members--use code DSUG when
you register and you'll get 20% off the conference pricing.

To register, go to:

O'Reilly Open Source Convention
Portland Marriott Downtown,
Portland, OR
July 7-11, 2003

Safari News
***Congratulations to Lee Williamson, Vice President of the Portland
Area .NET User Group--the selected winner of the 'Go On Safari'
promotion. Lee's Safari Bookshelf review submission has qualified his
user group to receive an on-site visit from our intrepid founder and
CEO, Tim O'Reilly.

Check out how Lee is using the Safari Bookshelf as part of his
development 'toolbox' http://www.padnug.org/padnug/Safari.aspx.  Lee
says he finds Safari valuable and comparatively inexpensive at
$29.99/mo for 30 books.

You, too, can 'Go On Safari' as a user group member and perhaps host
Tim at your next meeting. Try out the Safari Bookshelf with a Free
Trial and forward your review to safari_talk at oreilly.com.  
(Please include your UG name in the email.)

**Please use this special URL to sign up for the 14-day trial**

For more information on Safari:

News From O'Reilly & Beyond
General News
***Sun, O'Reilly, and CollabNet Partner to Develop java.net
On June 10 at JavaOne, Sun Microsystems announced the doors are now
open at java.net, a site designed in partnership with O'Reilly &
Associates and CollabNet to be the ultimate watering hole for
developers to share ideas, source code, documentation, and other
development work based on Java technology.  http://www.java.net/

O'Reilly is also producing technical content for the site in the form
of a community newspaper for Java developers called Java Today.

***A Musician's Take on File Sharing, DRM, and Copyleft Licensing
Musicans can be a very adaptable community, and many are looking at
online music and file sharing differently than the companies that often
contract with them. Miriam Rainsford explores issues of P2P, DRM, and
copyleft licensing from her musician point of view.

***ETech 2003 Stories
This year's ETech was a whirlwind of provocative ideas, mind-bending
technological innovations, and great conversations. Tim O'Reilly offers
his favorite moment and wants to hear about yours. And for more
intellectual stimulation, don't miss O'Reilly's next convention--it all
kicks off July 7 at OSCON 2003.

***O'Reilly Book Sales Expectations
How many copies of your book could you expect to sell as an O'Reilly
author? How long would it take, and how much money would you bring in?
Tim talks about what you can expect if you write for O'Reilly in his
latest "Ask Tim."

***New--Put Up an O'Reilly ThinkGeek Banner, Get A Free Book
Ready for the next banner promotion? Here it is:  We are looking for
user groups to display our ThinkGeek banners on their web sites. If you
send me the link to your user group site with one of our O'Reilly
ThinkGeek banners, I will send you the O'Reilly book of your choice.

O'Reilly ThinkGeek Banners:

Open Source
***Embedded Systems, Linux, and the Future
Here's a comprehensive essay examining the various initiatives, moves,
and trends having an impact on the future direction of embedded Linux,
by Karim Yaghmour, author of "Building Embedded Linux Systems."

Building Embedded Linux Systems
Order Number: 222X

***Running Arbitrary Scripts Under CVS
CVS includes several hooks to integrate with other tools, such as bug
and project tracking. Jennifer Vesperman demonstrates how to expand CVS
to meet your needs, using Bugzilla as an example.

Jennifer is the author of "Essential CVS."
Order Number: 4591

***JSP Progress Bars
As web interfaces become ubiquitous, more and more complex back-end
processing is necessary. Of course, stateless HTTP leaves few ways to
tell users what's going on. Andrei Cioroianu presents a JSP technique
to display application "progress bars."

***Using Regular Expressions and XML Classes to Parse Your Log Files
Most systems these days can generate log files to store activity of the
system. What about when you are asked to transform all that data into
usuable information? Roy Osherove shows you how to use regular
expressions and .NET's XML classes to turn your log files into a
DataSet to allow you to search, sort, or report on your data

***Visualizing XSLT in SVG
XSLT stylesheets can rapidly become difficult to understand for anyone
but their original author. By using XSLT on itself, this article
demonstrates how to create a diagram explaining the flow of control
within a stylesheet.  

***Deadline for Second Innovators Contest Nears
The deadline for the second Mac OS X Innovators Contest is fast
approaching: Monday, June 16, 2003. So polish up that software and
enter today.

***Knowing When to Let Go: Better Living Through Memory Management
The basic idea of memory management is to keep objects around exactly
as long as they're needed. In this article Rob Rix helps you learn how
to keep objects around for as long as they are needed, but no longer.

***Need a Free Exhibit Guest Pass for Macworld CreativePro July 16-18 
in New York?
You can register online with priority code PC0174 on or before June 16,
2003 at:  http://www.macworldexpo.com/

Or I can send you some free passes to bring onsite--just let me know.

Until next time--

LinuxChix Coordinator <jenn at linuxchix.org>

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