[Announce] linux.conf.au: January 12-17 2004, Adelaide Australia

Mary mary-linuxchix at puzzling.org
Tue Dec 2 15:23:51 EST 2003

Hey everyone,

As usual, there's a big grassroots Linux conference in Adelaide
Australia in January this coming year. It's generally promoted as one of
the top three grassroots Linux conferences in the world (alongside Linux
Kongress and the Ottawa Linux Symposium), or as the Ottawa Linux
Symposium of the Southern Hemisphere.

The program looks awesome[1] and the organisers sent a mail this
morning[2] that suggests that registrations may sell out this month. So
if you were considering going, or even if you weren't, now is the time
to book.


PS I'm not involved in the conference organisation in any way although
some LinuxChix subscribers are. I'm just an attendee...

[1] http://lca2004.linux.org.au/programme.cgi
[2] http://lists.linux.org.au/archives/lca-announce/2003-December/msg00000.html

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