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Jenn Vesperman jenn at anthill.echidna.id.au
Fri Nov 22 18:32:30 EST 2002

A friend of mine is writing a windows GPG (Gnu Privacy Guard) interface,
and I mentioned that I'd love it if GPG was more understandable to the
general person. One of the things GPG does is provide 'envelopes for
email' - as in, only you and the receiver can read it.

So he wrote me a GPG tutorial specifically for LinuxChix. As in, I told
him what the audience is, how we range from complete novices to very
experienced sysamins and security experts. How we need something that
the layman can understand but with a minimum of 'talking down' to the
He's also provided 'how to use it with mail clients' for the two mail
clients he knows. 

He rose to the very difficult task, and I've linked to his GPG tutorial


Given recent developments, many of you may want to start using
'envelopes for email'. Please read the tutorial, and I'd love feedback.
grrltalk or grrls-only are probably the most appropriate for public
discussion, or email me (jenn at anthill.echidna.id.au) and I'll pass other
feedback on.

Jenn V.
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