[Announce]Seattle LinuxChix Web site Art

Meryll Larkin alwanza at oz.net
Mon Nov 18 18:29:28 EST 2002

November 18, 2002

Hello LinuxChix,

I'd like to invite all of you to view Patt Cranage's
interpretation of Val Henson's original design....

Val graciously extended her permission to us to reuse
her design with the caveat that the art be covered by
an "art equivalent of a GPL."

Which means that if any of you would like to use it,
adapt it, rework it yourselves; the art is available,


BTW, if you were accustomed to using ".com" to reach
our Seattle Web site, our Web address has changed
to ".org"

Meryll Larkin
Seattle LinuxChix Chapter Leader
Seattle, WA, USA

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