[Announce] Registry problems

Jenn Vesperman jenn at anthill.echidna.id.au
Thu Jul 4 09:57:35 EST 2002

There appear to be some registry problems at the moment, causing a lack
of name resolution for Linuxchix.

The IP is

We're doing everything we can to fix it. 

(The issue is not actually with linuxchix.org, but with
anthill.echidna.id.au. We'll probably create a temporary fix with a
secondary nameserver that doesn't rely on resolving anthill.)

Please be patient with us.

Jenn (and Dancer)
    "Do you ever wonder if there's a whole section of geek culture 
        	you miss out on by being a geek?" - Dancer.

jenn at anthill.echidna.id.au     http://anthill.echidna.id.au/~jenn/

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