[announce] IMPORTANT: Linuxchix is moving

jenn at simegen.com jenn at simegen.com
Sat Jun 2 11:36:13 EST 2001

Linuxchix is moving, and so are its lists.

After a great deal of discussion, it's been decided that it's simplest 
and most effective on everybody to send this mailing (which you will see 
- hopefully - exactly once for each of the linuxchix mailing lists that 
you are subscribed to).

We're not migrating subscriber addresses along with linuxchix. Mailing 
lists tend to gather a fair bit of dead wood (addresses whose email is 
never collected, for example)....So, rather than automatically 
resubscribing everyone with the new lists, we're not doing it at all.

If you wish to continue receiving the linuxchix list(s) you can 
subscribe yourself to the new lists at 

Otherwise, just do nothing.

Please note that - in the interim - the name of the new system is 
linuxchix.simegen.com. After transferral of DNS delegation (and about a 
week's settling time), the system will be linuxchix.org, officially.

This means that for a week or so, the website will be at 
http://linuxchix.simegen.com/ and the mailing lists will be 
<listname>@linuxchix.simegen.com. After that, they will be 
linuxchix.org,  the same as always.

Thanks for your attention, support, and patience, while we make these 

Dancer and Jenn Vesperman, & the various volunteers who are making
this possible.
     "Do you ever wonder if there's a whole section of geek culture
             you miss out on by being a geek?" - Dancer.

jenn at simegen.com     Jenn Vesperman     http://www.simegen.com/~jenn/

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