[announce] First DC LinuxChix chapter meeting!

Cat cschmitt at polaris.umuc.edu
Thu Oct 28 17:32:49 EST 1999

Hi everyone!

The DC LinuxChix chapter is having our first meeting this weekend from
1-3PM on Sunday, October 31.  It is going to be in a conference room in
the Student and Faculty Services Center of the University of Maryland-UC,
which is located in College Park, Maryland.  Directions are below.  If
you're in the area, please attend!

The directions for the meeting location are as follows:

>From I-95, take Exit 25B (U.S. Route 1 South). To get to the Student and 
Faculty Services Center, turn off at Route 193 West (University
Boulevard). At Adelphi Road, make a U-turn onto Route 193 East to enter
the UMUC parking garage. 

Once you make the u-turn, the entrance to the building grounds is almost
immediately on the right side.  For those coming from Virginia and other
points west of College Park, you should take I-495 East and continue onto
I-95 South to get to the Route 1 exit.  The Route 1 exit is the very first
exit after the two highways split. 

The parking garage is free on Sundays, according to the Information Desk
staff.  I will check to make sure that is not changed because next weekend
in College Park's Homecoming (I believe it is only on Saturday, but it may
bleed into Sunday).  Once you get in to the parking garage, you would
ideally park on the third level, near the elevator and walkway to the main
SFSC building (the wall next to the walkway has a big yellow '3B' painted
on it). 

We are meeting in a conference room on the third floor, room #3218.  Once
you enter the main lobby of the SFSC building where the Information Desk
is located, you should turn left and go down the hallway to the stairs
which are at the end of the hall.  The lobby is on the second floor.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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