Forums (Re: [Actionchix] Website wishlist)

Terri Oda terri at
Sat May 20 15:49:40 EST 2006

On 19-May-06, at 11:21 PM, Mary Gardiner wrote:
> I'd support forums that were integrated with our mailing lists, so that
> forum posts are cross-posted to the mailing lists and vice-versa, as
> long as threading is maintained in the mailing list version. I'm averse
> to a separate set of forums being set up.

I totally agree here -- these are only really useful if people can 
continue to use the mailing lists as they do now, and it's just offered 
as an optional access method.  We have hundreds of subscribers, and I

> As far as software goes, something to think about to make it possible 
> is
> finding forums that support NNTP. Mailman can interface with NNTP I
> understand. This might also allow people to use newsgroup readers to
> read our lists (although closed lists might pose some problems), which
> some people prefer over mail because you don't have to download the
> bodies of messages, just the subject headers for browsing.

I was just going to suggest this.  We might also want to look at just 
improving our archiving software as a first step -- making a web form 
which sends an email to the list is fairly trivial, and there's code 
about to use mailman web authentication for other things so people 
could just use their mailing list passwords to use the "forums"... but 
finding something which handles entire mailing list archives can be a 
bit harder.

I've heard good things about MHonArch for Mailman, but I haven't used 
it myself.

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