[Actionchix] Website wishlist

Kathryn Hogg kjh at flyballdogs.com
Sat May 20 05:55:30 EST 2006

Well, I for one, vote vehemently against putting a bulletin board style
system on linuxchix.  The email lists are wonderful and I don't see
anything that a bulletin board will to to enhance things.  Its pretty easy
to have spamassassin do its thing on the linuxchix server (and on my MTA).
 Do bulletin boards allow postings to be checked for spamminess?

And then there is the annoying polling aspect of having to see if there
are new postings.

And has been pointed by somone else, grrls-only isn't suitable for a
message board so that means instead of one cohesive system in place we
would have to deal with two.


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