[Actionchix] Moving to Plone

jennyw jennyw at dangerousideas.com
Thu May 18 14:54:31 EST 2006

Val Henson wrote:
> I have a suggestion: ruthless cutting of dead or out-of-date content.
> Perhaps we can do things this way: Import content by hand into the new
> site as needed.  If someone wants something from the old site badly
> enough, they'll do the work to convert it.  If no one wants to convert
> it, it probably isn't worth keeping.

That's a great idea, especially for things like profiles. A lot of them
point to web pages that no longer exist ... maybe we should have a
default expiration on content like that.

But the FAQs and courses seem to be generally useful.
> Another suggestion is, rather than creating an explicit style guide,
> import a few pages of content in a consistent style.  This should
> provide enough examples that the style will be easy to 

Good suggestion. That might work well for some pages.  For some others,
it might be better to document why a certain choice of tags was chosen
(which can also be a launch pad for discussion).   These may be for
things like ease of use or accessibility. Knowing the reason for a
decision might make it less likely that we'll lose consistency as we
move forward.

Also, we'll try not to be too detailed with the guide ... it should be
quick to go through.


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