[Actionchix] Intro, and questions.

Leslie Vincent lvincent at dtcc.edu
Thu May 18 05:45:32 EST 2006

Thanks for the clarification about the list and the warm welcome!

> It would also be good if you could use as much free software as  
> possible in your course, e.g. using OpenOffice instead of M$ for your 
>  own docs. Leading by example. ;)

LOL very good point and well taken, though much easier said than done 
in an environment where, by IT department "law", my production PC 
*must* be MS based, and my Linux PC can't be networked from my office 
(only in the training room, which is isolated from the production 
network). I'm doing what I can using Linux running on VMWare on my 
production PC, and I'm fighting the good fight to get them to set me up!

Leslie Vincent
CIS Instructor
Delaware Tech
Georgetown, DE 19947
302-856-5400 x2040

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