[Techtalk] anyone know of a simple text viewer?

Miriam English mim at miriam-english.org
Sat Jul 20 11:38:45 UTC 2019

Thanks A. Mani.

I currently do use Calibre for a few things. I haven't heard of it being 
used for quickly viewing text files. I often use Calibre to edit the 
metadata for epub ebooks -- perhaps that's what you're referring to.

I agree that a fuzzy/vague search done from the shell could be useful, 
though I wasn't sure how that related to viewing text files until I 
looked at a description of a fuzzy file search program named "pick". 
I'll learn more about it and see if that can do what I want.

I didn't know about "BasKet Note Pads". It looks very interesting. I'll 
try that, though I have to say, it sounds a bit like a kind of database 
program. I've seen a few writers' tools intended to help organise notes. 
They usually keep all the data in one file, whereas I need to be able 
view large numbers of separate files that can't be merged... well, the 
writing ideas text files could, but other files, for example video 
description text files, can't.

Thanks for the suggestions.

     - Miriam

A. Mani wrote:
> Miriam, I think you should try Calibre.
> It can be improved to suit all your requirements with additional plugins
> Fuzzy/vague search and view in order can be done from shell.
> This may be more efficient in your use case:
>> I have many thousands of small text files that I collect in many subdirectories under my "ideas" directory.
>> When I'm writing I often go through them looking for useful material. It
>> is a slow, repetitive, and clumsy process. I just wanted something to
>> make it easier."
> btw, 'Basket Note Pads' is meant for avoiding the situation :)
> Best
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