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Thu Jul 6 13:23:33 UTC 2017

Nope. I use Slackware and have done so since Pat did the first release. 
My family uses LinuxMint and Windoze.


On 07/05/2017 03:45 PM, Rudy Zijlstra wrote:
>> One other question, if I may ask. No one here seems to use Linux 
>> systemd or Mint as often as Ubuntu was used when it was one of the 
>> best choices. Can ask I as what OS's people -are- using now?  I do 
>> have SciLinux (RHEL) as another option, but have gotten lazy about 
>> relearning the ins and outs of a different Linux system and just use 
>> that for minor specific tasks.
> Debian seems popular and i regularly use it. But am i one of the few 
> here to still use slackware?
> I like it for its simplicity in configuration and setup (and lack of 
> systemd).
> Cheers
> Rudy
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