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Mon Jul 3 09:38:45 UTC 2017

Thanks, Miriam,

It looks like Mint is a lot different from the old Ubuntu I used for years 
past its expiration date.  I'm trying to keep Mint from starting wlan or 
networking, whichever it is that's doing this, before the desktop even 
comes up.  In old Ubuntu, I'd just rename a script in init.d from S to K 
prefix, and that runlevel would skip it on startup.

I can't find anything like this for Mint.  Buried somewhere in the initial 
startup scripts is something that turns on the wireless, -then- the 
desktop loads and comes up.  That's what I'm trying to find and turn off. 
Dmesg doesn't have anything obvious.

The links you shared as well as all the searches I've done, only address 
stopping networking -after- the system has come up completely and 
networking has already started.  I want to stop it from starting in the 
first place.

I had set up my old Ubuntu system to start in text mode, both for 
nostalgia and cheap security - if someone got hold of the laptop and tried 
to start the default OS, all they'd get initially would be a near-blank 
screen with Login:  They'd have to already know the userids on that system 
to login - not just select one from a list. Networking was down by 
default, turned on by ifup. From there, I'd start gdm.  This is the setup 
I'm trying to replicate, and the part I want most is starting off with the 
network down.

This is sent on Alpine, and I even have gopher and lynx installed.  Guess 
I'm just too much of a dinosaur for the Internets to help me now!


  On Sun, 2 Jul 2017, Miriam English wrote:

> Date: Sun, 02 Jul 2017 23:26:50 +1000
> From: Miriam English <mim at miriam-english.org>
> To: techtalk at linuxchix.org
> Subject: Re: [Techtalk] Basic Q, can't find answers elsewhere
> Hi,
> (I tried to send this earlier to your address, but it bounced. I should have 
> sent it to techtalk instead.)
> Does this give the info you need?
> https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/66671/how-do-i-disable-wireless-on-mint-14
> I don't have Mint, so I can't confirm, but this suggestion on the above page 
> sounds most likely to help:
> "I believe Mint is running NetworkManager, and that's what connects your 
> wireless network.
> Edit your wireless connection profile, there's an option called Automatically 
> connection, disable that.
> just open nm-connection-editor to edit that"
> I found a few other possibilities by searching on Google with search terms:
> disable wlan linux mint
> Hope this helps,
>    - Miriam
> mgmonza at iceland.freeshell.org wrote:
>> Hey, y'all,
>> This is a beyond basic question but I've run out of options.
>> Google, DuckDuckGo, Ixquick et al have returned nada.
>> One of the systems my laptop can boot into is Linux Mint 17.1.  On
>> other Ubuntu-based systems, I've able to find and disable processes at
>> startup.
>> On Linux Mint, I can't.  I got lucky with shutting down Samba, and
>> followed that URL's advice to rename the .conf file.  But I've been
>> trying for a long time to disable wlan connectivity at startup and
>> just can't.
>> I renamed networking.conf to networking.conf.stop but there's been no
>> effect.  It just -feels- like that's not the solution.  There's
>> nothing in this system like that endearingly convoluted renaming from
>> S to K in init.d directorties. Weird as it was, it worked.
>> Can someone help on this?  I've got a long line of other processes I
>> want to strangle till they gasp out their last breath (okay, kill),
>> but this networking thing is the first I want to get my mitts on.
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