[Techtalk] satellite vs. mobile internet

Carla Schroder carla at bratgrrl.com
Fri Jul 31 23:36:54 UTC 2015

Some new info to share:

1. I hate Dish now. Hate hate hate them. I had Dish TV a few years ago
and it was OK-- hundreds of channels of mostly junk. I don't watch a
lot of tv, and you know how it is with the satellite providers, you
have to buy packages of meh to get the few bits you want. Their customer
service was good. The signal disappeared during wind and snowstorms.

So it was with a hopeful heart that I called them. They make you jump
through insane hoops just to get any information about Internet. I
don't know why they even offer it because they try very hard to not
sell it, and push TV service with a vengeance. It took 45 minutes on
chat and another ten minutes being cranky with phone reps to find out
that A. they really really do not want to sell Internet and B. Internet
is not available in my area. But it will be, someday! No really! 

Wildblue was awesome. Five minutes on the phone to learn everything I
wanted. But they are close to capacity in my area.

So now I am looking at mobile internet. It looks pretty good.  

Future chapters of this saga to come.


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