[Techtalk] The Dell XPS 13 Developers Ubuntu

Raena raen at internode.on.net
Sun Jul 26 07:59:55 UTC 2015

Hi LChx TT List

If this is a bad list to discuss new hardware just boot me off and 
direct me to a better list or a better place.

I need a light portable reasonably powerful laptop not a gaming device 
but nice for video.

I have read a bunch or reviews of the Ubuntu build of the Dell XPS 13 
Developers Ubuntu Ed. They rave about how nice the laptop looks and its 
specs but it seems as if there are some niggles with getting the 
touchpad to work properly and the display to configure nicely. Whist I 
am not averse to tweaking about and have got alot of enjoyment and 
satisfaction from getting thing to work if I am paying $1500 for 
something that is pre-installed with Ubuntu I do not want to waste a 
weekend getting it running properly. If it means installing a newer 
version of Linux then fine.

Should I be looking for another laptop?  Are the niggles worth it? Any 
feedback advice etc would be enormously appreciated.


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