[Techtalk] Improving/Reviewing a Perl script

Terry tech at futurecourse.com
Sun Sep 7 14:16:23 UTC 2014

On 06/09/2014 21:09, Meryll Larkin wrote:
> Hi Terry,
> Sorry, I'm not going to be able to get any  further with this - it is beyond
> me.
> Are you using references anywhere in your code?
> If you are using references, have you used Data::Dumper to make sure they
> contain what you think they do?
> Since someone listed it as a bug with your same Perl version number, it may
> very well be an obscure bug.
> Maybe someone else on this list knows better than I do.
> Meryll

Hi Meryll,

Thanks so much for finding this.  I do indeed have a "while, do and 
foreach" so I guess I hit this bug.  I've found it in the Perl 
bugtracker and it is fixed.  I guess the fix hasn't made it into Debian yet.

The script runs fine and I used Data::Dumper extensively to check values 
and when debugging and everything is as it is supposed to be.

Thanks again.


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