[Techtalk] Collaborating on websites without ssh

Miriam English mim at miriam-english.org
Mon Sep 1 09:32:26 UTC 2014

I often use wget for downloading because I can mirror my directory 
structure and set it to ignore old files. See the section on time 
stamping in the manual for wget.

I sometimes use wput for uploading. I believe it can be used to mirror 
directory structures (I haven't used it for that so I can't really 
comment) and it supports timestamping and conditional uploading.

I keep looking for a better text editor and recently read about a weird 
one, called "gobby", which stuck in my mind because it is a 
collaborative editor -- several people can work on shared documents 
simultaneously. It may be of use to you.
There's a YouTube video about it that shows the surprising way it works:

Best wishes,

	- Miriam

On 01/09/14 14:08, Akkana Peck wrote:
> I'm helping a local nonprofit with its website. There are three of
> us working on it right now, and things are going great, except for
> one thing: the cheap web host we have for this site doesn't offer
> ssh, just ftp.
> I'm totally spoiled, having always had ssh and rsync (or better yet,
> a version control system). I don't need ssh to log in to a live
> shell; I just want to be able to rsync files between the live server
> and my local machine, to make sure I've downloaded everybody else's
> changes before I start changing things myself. My attempts so far at
> elaborate lftp scripts to mirror the website don't seem to work very
> well -- they take forever, lose chmod information, re-download
> unchanged files yet sometimes miss changed ones. And ftp-ing files
> back up to the server is a pain because of needing to keep track of
> which directory I'm in on each end (lcd ../data; cd ../data;
> mput ...; lcd ../resources; cd ../resources; mput ...  and so on).
> This must be a common problem. Does anyone have any advice for
> keeping in sync with other people's changes and uploading lots of
> files when neither ssh/rsync nor version control is an option?
> Are there rsync-like tools that cheap webhosts offer even if they
> don't offer ssh? Or rsync-like wrappers on top of ftp?
>          ...Akkana
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