[Techtalk] DHCP issues

Chris Wilson chris+linuxchix at aptivate.org
Mon Sep 24 21:43:57 UTC 2012

Hi Betty,

On Mon, 24 Sep 2012, Betty Johnson wrote:

> Once we purchased our new server and set it up with the same roles as 
> the original one. The Linux server IP address was changed and the new 
> server was given the original IP address for the failed server. Again 
> this was a Windows computer. However, apparently the Linux admin 
> neglected to stop the DHCP daemon on the Linux server. So as a result we 
> had 2 active DHCP servers on the same subnet of our network.
> Now we had all sorts of issues with unable to see shares, unable to 
> browse the network and unable to map network drives.
> I know that two DHCP servers on the same subnet can cause issues, and I 
> am wondering if these are the types of issues that it can cause.

Yes, definitely. Any computer that gets a DHCP lease from the Linux server 
will probably not be able to resolve Windows hosts and shares, and you may 
have IP address conflicts as well.

I'm not sure why you're even asking this question? You know that having 
two DHCP servers (that are not sharing information) is bad, you have a new 
DHCP server, what's stopping you from just disabling the DHCP server on 
the Linux box as you already know you should?

Cheers, Chris.
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