[Techtalk] Can I use one gateway/router?

Eeva Järvinen ejarvinen at gmail.com
Wed Jan 25 08:57:08 UTC 2012

2012/1/25 Rumbidzayi Gadhula <rumbiles at gmail.com>:
> Dear All
> I have setup a shared network with 3 subnets,,
>, on a linux dhcp server. The server is able to distribute the
> subnets. My problem is I have one gateway on the network and only one
> subnet gets access to it. How do I enable the subnets use the same gateway
> ( ?

My iptables-fu isn't exactly up to speed, but I'd just "proxy" the
gateway to the two subnets - i.e. make the gateway appear as and, respectively by NATing the packets
suitably. Or, set up the linux box to act as the gateway to the
(actual) gateway - both solutions have the gateway appear at three
addresses. It's possible there's some other way to do it, this is just
off the top of my head.


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