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Miriam English mim at miriam-english.org
Tue Jan 10 01:57:15 UTC 2012

I love the whole "small is beautiful" idea, but I've grown to really 
dislike busybox. It has caused countless problems for me in writing 
scripts, usually because busybox sacrifices functionality for size, and 
very often I just need that extra bit of capability. I'll be stumped for 
a while trying to work out why the script doesn't do what I want, then 
after some banging of my head against walls the lightbulb goes on and I 
realise one of the commands in the script isn't the full version, but is 
busybox's cut-down version.

Does anybody know a way to find all the commands on my system that use 
busybox instead of the full command?

A command that uses busybox exists as just a link to the busybox 
program, which looks to see what name it was invoked with and executes 
its own version of that command. Typing in the command name "busybox" on 
your system displays all the commands that it can stand in for (about 
250 of them!), but very few systems will use busybox for them all 
(except perhaps Android). I want to find out which on my computer 
actually do.

Any ideas?


	- Miriam

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