[Techtalk] any Red Hat peeps here?

Carla Schroder carla at bratgrrl.com
Fri May 20 04:13:42 UTC 2011

hey all,

How in deity's name does anyone ever download RHEL? I've been trying
for a solid week and failing. I have a RHN account, I have a couple of
eval versions subscribed, and it's plain impossible to get a download.

First of all the instructions are disorganized and unhelpful. I called
sales like it says to and got some dweeb who had no idea what to do.
After jumping through some other hoops and getting help from a PR
person, and suffering through several failed downloads, this is what i

1. the downloads time out, regardless if you're finished
2. This is from the official instructions and I am not making this up:

"If the downloading process pauses or fails, press CTRL+C to terminate
the wget process. Then, login to Red Hat Network again and get new
valid link (step 5 above) and run the above command with the new link
to continue the download where it left off."

Pardon, but that doesn't work-- it starts a new download. Duh, because
it is a new filename.

This is part of the error message when the HTTP download fails:
"Download links are dynamic and time-sensitive."

WTF people!!! It's a hundred times easier to get a free-of-cost Linux!
Heck it's easier to get Windows eval software!

Anyone have any helpful clues? Oh there is an option for physical
installation media-- for $25.


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