[Techtalk] allocating space on hard drive

Maria Mckinley maria at shadlen.org
Tue Mar 22 01:04:09 UTC 2011

On 3/19/11 8:34 AM, Alison Chaiken wrote:
> Maria writes:
>> System-config-lvm does
>> see the partitions, and what is on them, for example:
>> /dev/sda1
>> but still calls it: Uninitialized Disk Entity /dev/sda1
> I'm not sure since I haven't seen that exact error message, but you
> may have a problem with your new partitions not being "active logical
> volumes."     Have you tried vgscan, vgdisplay, lvscan and lvdisplay?
>   Then you can see what differences in state there are between your old
> drive, that lvm is happy with, and the new one, which puzzles it.
> Here are some (long) notes I took the last time that lvm made my life miserable:
> http://www.exerciseforthereader.org/Rescue_Fedora13_LVM_problem_no_disk.txt
> Bottom line is, you may need to do something like this:
> lvm   [get into LVM]
> vgchange -ay
> vgmknodes
> I personally loathe lvm and think it is a ridiculous default install
> for desktop users who don't need more than 4 partitions.   HTH.

Thanks. I realized logs weren't rotating, and that was the reason my 
partition was filling up. Now that logs are rotating properly, I am 
using very little of that partition, and so I'm going with the, "if it 
ain't broken, don't fix it" advice on this one. Will monitor disk use, 
of course, but for now no reason to mess with partitions... Btw, I get 
"No volume groups found" for all of the commands. Haven't checked the 
old drive to see if this is also true there.

thanks again,

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