[Techtalk] allocating space on hard drive

Maria Mckinley maria at shadlen.org
Fri Mar 18 20:06:08 UTC 2011


I used dd to move everything from a 40GB drive to an 80GB drive. 
Everything worked fine, and I am able to boot from the new drive, and 
everything looks good. Now I would like to allocate the unused space to 
one of the partitions, but when I started up system-config-lvm, it 
doesn't believe any of the drive was initialized, and the only option it 
gives me is to initialize the entire drive. I'm pretty sure this would 
erase the entire drive, so I don't want to do it. System-config-lvm does 
see the partitions, and what is on them, for example:

Size: 7.45GB
Partition Type: Linux(0x83)
Mount Point: / Root Filesystem
Mount Point when Rebooted: None
File System: Ext3

but still calls it: Uninitialized Disk Entity /dev/sda1

Any ideas how to get to my unused space?


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