[Techtalk] dokuwiki user logging

Meryll Larkin mll at alwanza.com
Thu Mar 10 07:01:56 UTC 2011

Used the logstats plugin
Made a custom perl script to parse the log and send daily reports by cron
Made a custom shell script to rotate the logs
Works great.
My custom report displays
date | userlogin | page accessed in url format

which is what the web dev wanted.

It would not have worked to tweak the apache logs because the login is part
of dokuwiki and credentials are not passed to apache.


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Does anyone have experience with logging page access by page and by user in

Our office provides internal documentation in dokuwiki with a login, so we
are collecting logins... somewhere I guess.  I haven't figured out where -
do you know?

Our apache access logs show IP addresses, but that isn't good enough.
Basically, we want to know who in our office is and who isn't accessing the
pages of our internal documentation, and which pages they are accessing.

I saw a plugin mentioned online, not sure if it does what I need, not sure
if I need it.  

Meryll Larkin

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