[Techtalk] Enterprise Quickbooks on Linux

Meryll Larkin mll at alwanza.com
Sat Feb 5 21:46:07 UTC 2011

Got it working.  Intuit was of surprisingly little help.  They answered
quickly but the tech had no idea how to answer my question, gave bad advice,
and the printed documentation QuickBooks provides is just 100% wrong.

The documentation says users should be in single user mode.  That is wrong.

The Intuit tech told me that all the users had to have the same samba login.
That is also wrong.

The solution was for everyone to get into Multi-user mode, and (as long as
everyone stays in multi-user mode) not to worry when the files automatically
chmod to 644 because that is the daemon's doing, and the changes on the
files aren't really made by the users but by the daemon.

It is doable, but not elegant, as Intuit hasn't put much effort into making
this work smoothly nor supplying accurate documentation.

Meryll Larkin

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Yeah, I'm going to contact Intuit on this one; but I thought I'd check here
also because there is a high probability that if anyone ever got this to
work, she might be on a LinuxChix list.

Here's the situation:
One accountant and one assistant are both accessing the same Quickbooks.
When 2 or more parties access the same Quickbooks qbw file, ONE of them has
to be in "multi-user mode" (that one is the "Master") and the rest are in
"single-user" mode.  That's how the situation WAS.

But, we wanted the accountant to be able to shut off his computer and take
it home with him (to work from home sometimes) without the assistant needing
to contact him to make sure his Quickbooks was open so that she could access
it (across a vpn tunnel - not an optimal solution).  

So we purchased Enterprise Quickbooks so that we could install it on a
server and make the server the "Master".  It is supposed to be able to work
with a Linux server as well as a Windows server.  We installed it on Linux.
The samba share is correctly configured.  The services are running.  The
config file is good.  They can both access the Quickbooks files on the samba
share... EXCEPT, it hasn't fixed our original problem, which is what it is
SUPPOSED to do.  I've made certain that they are both pointing to the server
and not to the files on the accountant's desktop.

BUT the accountant is still in Multi-user mode and the assistant can't
access the account unless the accountant has Quickbooks open.  The
documentation says that once it is working on the server (creating .dat
files and such, which it is), the server should be the "Multi-user" Master
and everyone else SHOULD be able to access using single user mode, but we
haven't gotten that to work. 

Anyone here with any experience in that?

Meryll Larkin

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