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Miriam English mim at miriam-english.org
Wed Feb 2 21:22:10 UTC 2011

I don't know much on this topic, but this question piqued my curiosity 
so I did a bit of a search and found this:
which contains lots of potentially useful leads.

Hope it is helpful.


	- Miriam

David Sumbler wrote:
> I have 2 desktop computers (one running Ubuntu 9.10 and a new one with
> 10.10) and a handheld one running Windows XP Pro (yuck!)  They are all
> connected to a Netgear DGN2000 router which is a DHCP server.
> The router knows the hostnames of all the computers, but the individual
> conputers don't know each other's names, so when I want to use SSH or
> Samba to connect two together I have to log into the router to find out
> the relevant IP address and then use that.
> The easy solution to this problem would, of course, be for me to set up
> fixed IP addresses, which is easy with just 3 computers and 1 router!
> But surely there must be a way to get the router to act as a DNS server
> within the LAN, or to inform the client computers of the names of the
> other hosts.  How can this be done?
> David

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