[Techtalk] Host names on a LAN

monique monique at bounceswoosh.org
Wed Feb 2 16:32:24 UTC 2011

On Wed, 02 Feb 2011 16:22:05 +0000, David Sumbler <david at aeolia.co.uk>
> Well, what I think you're saying is that using fixed IP addresses is the
> only practicable way of doing it.  I can set that up easily (we're only
> talking about 3 computers here!).  I just thought that there might be a
> simple way of doing what I wanted whilst still using DHCP - but clearly
> not!
> Thanks, all, for your suggestions.

My husband and I have several machines on our home network, and for us, we
go the lazy route and have static IPs plus an entry in each /etc/hosts
file. As rarely as we add machines (removing doesn't really matter for this
scenario), it's not very painful.  I think we just have a range of IPs
reserved as static in the router (pfsense, fwiw).

For that matter, for those cases when I need to access any of those
machines, I find it just as easy to type the IP address.  But maybe I'm a
little weird that way =)


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