[Techtalk] a paucity of available note takers

Anne Wainwright anotheranne at fables.co.za
Sun Sep 19 13:18:09 UTC 2010

Hi, all,

I use Gjots2 jotter to record and classify all my linux notes. This is
fine. Tree hierachy is good, no fancy stuff is good. I don't want to
clutter it up with personal stuff so...

I use Tomboy for personal stuff, but it is a bit slow so might try
Gnotes which is a clone in C++. Also OK, sort of. <thinks> I had a
fantastic one called Desk Notes in win ...

I have a space for ephemeral notes, ones that I might well ditch
when I shut down. Just a 1-page work area where I can marshal thoughts
into text before I actually decide what to do with them. If I wrote
a utility for what I want I'd call it 'Scratchboard' or something like

I am just trying Xpad which is suitable small and featureless. but
every keystroke rattles the hard drive. Sorry, I don't like that.  Also
I find that Ctl-P will not print the note ...

I'm not looking for an editor where I have to save the stuff under a
name and then find that to reopen it if I do want it next time. Well,
I could use one with a launcher and a file name on the command line.

See, having written and marshaled my thoughts in this email I come up
with an idea.

Still, any better ideas? 


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