[Techtalk] getting rid of windows on a dual boot machine

Anne Wainwright anotheranne at fables.co.za
Fri Sep 17 17:00:28 UTC 2010


I have a dual boot machine, I'd like to get rid of the windows side as
(happy happy day) it is never used now. I want the old Windows space for
a bigger ~/ directory and want to include the space of the old ~/
directory into the  existing / directory. I can see that this will
involve some careful planning. My basic scheme is to follow the steps

1  delete the Windows partition
2  create a new linux partition in the space freed up
3  install file system on new partition
4  edit fstab to see & mount new partition as home
5  move all the old data over to the new ~/ filesystem
6  delete the old home partition
7  expand the root partition to allow more system space
8  make the root partition bootable
9  edit grub so we can avoid the unneeded boot menu.

I'm not asking for a step by step, but rather what have I forgotten? I
so seriously do not want a disaster. If I get the major steps planned
then I can look at the issues involved with each more carefully.

Presumably if we do 8 then in fact we do not need grub at all, but I am
very hazy about this part of the plan.

Any comments gratefully acknowledged.


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