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Little Girl littlergirl at gmail.com
Tue Oct 19 14:50:57 UTC 2010

Hey there,

David Sumbler wrote:

> I run Gnome with Ubuntu 9.10 .
> This morning I started the computer, only to find that my desktop 
> background had disappeared.
> Then I found that my screensaver, which was set to "Pictures
> folder" was showing not my own pictures, but random computer
> screenshots, bits of music etc.

A couple of questions:

- Does anyone else have access to the machine, and could they have
  changed your settings?
- What changes have you made recently (installations, removals,
- Do you ever run commands given to you by others without first
  researching what every part of the commands do?
- Do you ever install .deb files you get from places other than the
  package manager?
> Try as I might, I can't seem to get the screensaver to show my
> pictures, although my desktop background is now restored.  (I had
> to "add" the picture again to those available: for some reason it
> had disappeared from the list of available images.)

Maybe if you select a different screensaver, save, then select that
screensaver again it will reset. Maybe not - just guessing here. (:
> Can anyone suggest what I need to do to correct things?
> Additionally, I have found for some time that often when I start
> the computer the sound is muted and I have manually to reset the
> sound settings.  I never mute the sound (I just turn the speakers
> off if I don't want sound), yet repeatedly this problem arises -
> not every time, but frequently.

What programs do you use that can affect sound? I would look over and
adjust the settings of all programs that control the sound. Maybe one
of them is muting your sound.

Also, what programs are in your tray? Sometimes when you think you
closed a program, it actually minimized to the tray and can still
interact with the operating system.

What you describe is bizarre behavior considering it happens with no
apparent cause, and it seems to happen randomly. I would definitely
do some sleuthing to figure out what may be causing it.

Little Girl

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