[Techtalk] What distro?

Little Girl littlergirl at gmail.com
Tue Oct 19 14:28:03 UTC 2010

Hey there,

L J L wrote:
> Little Girl wrote:
> > L J L wrote:

> > Now that I've found what I want to upgrade to, I ordered a new
> > CD/DVD drive to replace my broken one so the upgrade can
> > commence. (:
> Don't you hate it when your CD/DVD drive won't work.  It usually
> happen when I'm burning CDs to hand out - it just goes *bleah* and
> stops working, and I have to throw money at it.

Yeah, mine always seem to die in creative ways. The current one can't
read or write to CDs and can't write to DVDs, but can play DVDs. So I
can still use it to watch movies, but that's about it. The one I just
ordered from Newegg is arriving today or tomorrow (one day delivery!).
> >> The AV, virus/trojan/spyware stuff is a nightmare, and Windows
> >> updates break things often.  Then running it is often BSOD and
> >> corrupted files all over the place.
> > I'd forgotten about those updates, and you're right that they
> > often broke things. Didn't they also interrupt things without
> > saving, too?
> Yep. They also would corrupt files from non-MS software... funny
> that.

Heh, of course!



> > You've been running Linux longer than me. I've been using it for
> > about three years now, and loving every moment of it. (:
> I liked it so much that I went ahead and went into Linux sysadmin. 
> Initially I was looking for something to get me out of having to
> deal with the infuriating Windows stuff that I had to deal with
> everywhere I went.  At home, I run Debian because I like it, and at
> work I usually deal with RedHat Enterprise.  I started in Unix with
> Solaris, and Debian and RedHat are the most Solaris-like distros,
> and KDE is very similar to CDE, the Solaris default window manager.

Interesting! I'd never heard of CDE until today. I'll check that out.
I started with Kubuntu and have stayed with it, so I haven't
experimented very much. The other distributions I've tried have all
been in VirtualBox, so I haven't given them a thorough try. My goal
is to eventually go with Gentoo, because I'm a tinkerer, and my
understanding is that Gentoo is a tinkerer's heaven. (:

Little Girl

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