[Techtalk] What distro?

Figaro ynegorp at charter.net
Sun Oct 17 15:01:04 UTC 2010

Have you looked at aptosid?
Was sidux.
Very actice dev. groups, fast support (though often kind of touchy... old  
fashioned "torchy if not asked with due supplication), rolling release,  
liveCD/DVD images, very well tweaked user interfaces. KDE, Fluxbox  
stock... anything else as usual in Debian just an apt-get away!
Thank you,

On Sun, 17 Oct 2010 09:34:03 -0000, Little Girl <littlergirl at gmail.com>  

> Hey there,
> Billie Walsh wrote:
>> On 10/16/2010 04:42 PM, Little Girl wrote:
>> > I remember spending a good chunk of my time maintaining,
>> > updating, and running all sorts of anti-virus, anti-trojan,
>> > anti-spyware, anti-adware, and anti-other-horrible-stuff
>> > programs. Being able to just simply *use* my computer rather than
>> > dedicating myself to maintaining it was a novel concept for me
>> > when I first switched over to Kubuntu.
>> What ticked me off with Windows was when they decided I was so
>> stupid I just clicked program icons for the fun of it. Every time I
>> tried to run a program it greyed out the screen and asked me if I
>> _REALLY_ wanted to start THAT program. If I didn't want it to run I
>> wouldn't have clicked on it. I don't need Microsoft nursemaiding me
>> every second.
> LOL, I'd have torn my hair out! (:
>> I've had a LOT less issues running Kubuntu than I ever did with
>> Windows. Maybe I've just been lucky, but I love it.
> I think it's to be expected. Kubuntu (and pretty well any other Linux
> distribution) is far more stable than Windows, so you're immediately
> free of the blue screens when you switch over. Then add to that all
> the things I listed off above that you no longer have to do to your
> computer. The way I look at it, the less things you have to do, the
> less things there are that are likely to go wrong.
> Large distributions of Linux are written and maintained by far more
> people than Windows, so it stands to reason that all those eyes are
> far more likely to prevent errors and/or to catch and fix any that
> might sneak by. Not to mention that the Kubuntu team (and lots of
> other teams as well) welcomes input from the users to make the
> software better.
> I could go on and on about the benefits of choosing Linux over
> Windows. The only thing I don't understand is why Linux isn't more
> popular. So I pondered it.
> My conclusion is that advertising is what's needed. I think all the
> distributions should pass the hat and gather some funding to pay for
> regular advertisements on television over an extended period of time
> (the same way milk companies or dentists get together and buy
> advertising as a cohesive unit). People use what they're comfortable
> with. They're comfortable with what they know. They know what they
> see and hear about on a regular basis... We need to get it "in their
> face." (:

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