[Techtalk] Linux Cookbook

Anne Wainwright anotheranne at fables.co.za
Sun Oct 3 09:51:48 UTC 2010

Hello, all,

Just to say that amongst other titles I got Carla's book from O'Reilly
as an ebook at the recent givaway price of $9.99 (also got the SQL

What a bargain my girl!

I got it in both .pdf and epub format. Fired up with Calibre. The
inbuilt epub reader is nicer and has more features than the inbuilt .pdf
reader (which is near unuseable), but the epub versions haven't got the
proper contents pages and indexes in. So am just using my regular .pdf
reader. I suppose they were earlier titles and they aren't going to
upgrade them now. The calibre software is clunky, definitely not a
kindle! Any way at that price I have already had good value out of
Carla's book - bought a Transcend 500GB external drive and used her
rsync recipe to get backed up properly.

Now going to write an image file just in case I wreck it all when
deleting the windows partition as per my recent post.

Thanks Carla, a lot of work there in that book which sadly may limit my
ability to wreck the system unaided.


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