[Techtalk] adsl and dyndns issues with changing IP addresses

Monique Y. Mudama monique at bounceswoosh.org
Mon Nov 15 22:40:46 UTC 2010

On Fri, Nov 12 at 23:12, Anne Wainwright penned:
> Hello, Monique,
> ooops...
> well, you have to have a user account on the server, there is the
> question of the postgresql username and md5 encrypted password. it
> is an ssh connection. the port is redirected via the nat whatever it
> is in the router to that server.
> Should I shut it down quick? I am not too (at all) hot on security
> across the net since this is first time that I have ever done this.
> Seriously, what would you suggest as my next step to improve
> security?

Sorry for the delay ... I guess it depends on how paranoid you are and
what resources you have at your disposal.  I like to minimize the number
of avenues an attacker can exploit, so I try to keep as few ports as
possible exposed.  But I am by far not a security expert.

For a full-up professional setup where you have clients using the
system, I'd want the database to be inaccessible from outside, and a
user would have to log onto a system, then from there onto the DB.

I haven't looked into the ssh aspect of the login you're describing;
maybe that addresses most of the security concerns.  


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