[Techtalk] Moving Websites: 301 Redirect

Sheila Fenelon sheila at shefen.com
Wed Jun 2 20:55:12 UTC 2010

Sue Stones wrote:
> A simple rewrite that works is
> RewriteRule ^(.*)$ http://www.redcockatooaustralia.com/ [L,R=301]
> But when I try to duplicate this approach with something like the
> following not much happens
> RewriteRule ^(.*)/artists\.php\#artsec$
> http://www.redcockatooaustralia.com/artists/elly-chatfield/$ [L,R=301]

Clicking on an anchor like #artsec is handled by the browser. They don't
result in a request being send back to the server, so your RewriteRule
will never be invoked.


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