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Fri Jul 23 23:12:20 UTC 2010

You might have to do some checking on export rules et al, but have you 
considered doing plain mp3 files with a steganografic twist?

This is a technique of encrypting a file which you would use as a 
fingerprint and encoding it into the mp3 file. No one would notice the 
file since mp3's are lossy, but your fingerprint would remain. Do this 
without anyone's knowledge and they can do anything they want with the 
id3 tag, but the binary fingerprint would still be embedded into the 
audio stream.

As for the file you encrypt, it could be a graphic image, text message 
or whatever. Keep it small and you should be able to encrypt it into 
some very small mp3's.


Linda de Boer wrote:
> G'day,
> I am trying to copyright protect some audio files which are initially 
> purhcased from the author. If they are copied to another site and they 
> try to publish them either as their own, or just without the author's 
> permission, I would need to be able to identify them.
> I have tried various methods, the best one so far seems to be using an 
> m4b with tags. I realize this can be removed. Any other suggestions? 
> There is a limit to the number of downloads from the site, but once it 
> leaves the site, it's fair game.
> I am not looking at DRM at this time, just want to protect his 
> investment.
> Thoughts, suggestions?
> Thanks,
> Linda de Boer
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