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First of all sorry for the top post. I'm on my BB and this seems to be the only way it will operate (bad RIM).

I did notice that there was a strange icon that claimed to be indexing files.  I suspended the process but haven't removed the package but it didn't make any difference.  

Apropos Carla's message I've already run top and there is nothing showing up with particularly heavy use.  Firefox is a memory hound as always but it's within acceptable limits.  I tried using one application at a time to see if one of them is having a noticable effect on performance but they are all as slow as each other.  The load is always showing to be quite low certainly no more than 2 or 3 yet it's running as thought the load is up in the 30s. 

I'm can't give any more specific details about what's running and at what level as I'm at work but raised the question because I'm at a loss as to what else to look for when I finally get home and have another attempt at sorting this.  Thanks for the suggestions they are all useful.

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On 07/15/2010 09:37 AM, rathgild at gmail.com wrote:
> I've finally taken the plunge and upgraded to Ubuntu 10.4 and I'm seriously wishing I hadn't.  Since the upgrade my system is running about as slow as a snail on valium.  I'm not doing anything particularly taxing (running thunderbird, xchat, a web browser, and the occasional bout of einstein's game) and my machine has a duel core AMD processor with 1GB ram.  It's been more than adequate until the upgrade, but now is behaving as though it on it's last legs.
> Is this just me or have Canonical lost the plot and developed a bloatware distribution?
> Jan
> Edinburgh

There's been a lot of chatter on the (K)Ubuntu lists about this problem. 
It has to do with your system being indexed by, I believe, Akonadi [ 
spelling ??? ]. It seems to hit some systems harder than others. Many 
have experienced extremem slow downs and some, like me, don't even 
notice it. Some have turned it off to stop it but it slows down the 
"Find" process when turned off.

Not the solution but points in the right direction I hope.

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