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Daniel Pittman daniel at rimspace.net
Wed Jul 14 08:07:02 UTC 2010

Wim De Smet <kromagg at gmail.com> writes:
> On Wed, Jul 14, 2010 at 1:13 AM, Anne Wainwright <anotheranne at fables.co.za> wrote:
>> Hello, Anne,
>> You are a klutz. Check this problem out again, what happens is not
>> exactly as described.
> Now Anne, I think you're being too hard on Anne. ;-)

I would, personally, agree.


>> Without logging on as a postgresql user and issuing the psql command '\du'
>> is there any way of detecting someone so connected to that server?
> I don't think so.

'ps axwwww' or equivalent should do it on most platforms: PostgreSQL forks a
process for every client connection, and that shows the user, where they are
connected from, and what they are doing:

ps axwww | grep postgres | head -n 2
30996 ?        SNs    0:00 postgres: websurvey_enrollment websurvey_enrollment idle
31779 ?        SNs    0:00 postgres: sd_cec_icuclab sd_cec_icuclab idle

That isn't much better than using psql to ask, however.

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