[Techtalk] Viewing desktops on a remote LAN

David Sumbler david at aeolia.co.uk
Sat Jan 9 12:27:22 UTC 2010

I have a friend who, until today, was using a single computer connecting
to the internet via an ADSL modem.  I would use Putty to connect to her
computer via SSH, and also vncviewer to see her desktop: she was running
Gnome, and the settings allowed "Remote Desktop".

She now has two computers connected via an ADSL router.  Both computers
run Ubuntu (8.06 and 9.10).  I have set things up so that I can log into
the router, and also SSH to both computers simultaneously: I use two
different port numbers.

So far, so good.

In order to set everything up the way she wants it, I now want to be
able to see her desktops, but I haven't figured out how to do this.
Having read the Gnome help, I believe that the Gnome remote desktop is
inherently insecure: I would prefer to tunnel things over SSH, probably
using vncserver and vncviewer (or perhaps Vinagre).

Can anybody explain what I need to do to get this to work, please?


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