[Techtalk] Anyone want their app tested?

Anna Baik annaheyonbaik at gmail.com
Thu Feb 18 13:28:32 UTC 2010

Hi folks,

I know there are Linuxchix who are OSS contributors - so was hoping
some of you could help.

I'm looking for open source, cross-platform apps, that would be good
candidates for practising testing on.  Any pointers?  I've tried
Sourceforge, but if anyone wants to put forward their project as a
candidate  then that'd be great - especially if you have specific
areas you want to hear about!

I'm looking for products because I'm involved with the Europe chapter
of the Weekend Testers ( http://weekendtesting.com/about-us ) - which
is essentially a group of testers who get together each weekend to
practice testing together, and I'd like to build up a pool of products
we can test on - which would hopefully provide useful feedback to the
app's developers.

To give an idea of what we do, here's an excerpt from the website:

   "What happens in a typical Weekend Testing session

 Testers register for the coming weekend testing session at least a
day in advance, by sending an email. A facilitator for the session
provides a link to the product to be tested ( typically open source ),
creates a group chat and a mission to achieve by the end of one hour
testing session. The mission could vary from finding functional issues
to exploring testability to writing automated tests to investigating
bug reports and so on …

 At the end of one hour ( or the decided session end time ) testers
start sharing their experiences, bugs, learning, challenges,
questions, and so on for about an hour. The facilitator then takes a
day or two to prepare an experience report and publishes on this
portal for the public to view it and also sends it to the open source
developers or project owners for their perusal."

We also log any bug reports from the session on http://www.bugrepository.com/

As the session is pretty short unfortunately it's not practical for us
to use apps that could be very tricky to install (i.e. very particular
reqs, long and complex install, huge download, requires a lot of
background knowledge which not all participants might have), or which
require a lot of very specialist background knowledge to use.  As
participants also have a mix of O/S & hardware, we also need apps that
are cross-platform.  Other than that, as long as we can design an
interesting test mission around it, then we can try it.

Sound interesting to anyone?  If you do have an app you think you'd
like a bit of feedback on, drop an email to europetesters at gmail.com
(or to me and I'll forward it on).

Or if you're a tester and fancy coming along for one of the sessions
(there are a few chapters so a variety of times to fit different
timezones) - have a look at http://weekendtesting.com )



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