[Techtalk] Malware on site

Michael Fisher desnotes at gmail.com
Mon Sep 28 13:31:53 UTC 2009

My wife is an artist and has several of her works on the internet, some at
her site and others like redbubble.com. She was doing a search to see how
her name and sites were doing in google when she came across a site that is
supposedly displaying one of her works but google is saying that the site is
suspicious and has 5 malicious exploits and 1 trojan. I looked up the whois
and the owners are in Thailand and run through a hosting site there.
We haven't hit the site but I was wondering if I visited the site with one
of my Linux computers if I would be immune from the exploits/trojan or if
there is still a possibility that I could be infected. I realize that Linux
isn't 100% immune (no computer is) but am looking at what the possibilities
might be. We also have two Macs, an Intel and PowerPC and was wondering if
the chances of infection would be low based on OS and CPU type.

Any ideas on a way to visit the site to see the circumstances in which my
wife's picture is being displayed?



Michael Fisher
desNotes at gmail.com
open source journeyman - http://desnotesdev.blogspot.com/

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