[Techtalk] PHOENIX Linux USER Groups Women In Computing - Hackfest & ABELconf.com Call for Presentations

Lisa Kachold lisakachold at obnosis.com
Mon Jul 13 18:42:22 UTC 2009

Please accept this notification of the Phoenix Linux Users Group and
ABELconf.com's open call for presentations from LinuxChix and Women in
Linux community.

1) Join me at ABELconf.com this year, where special FOSS attention will be on
Women in Computing:  http://www.ableconf.com/node/24

2) Phoenix Linux User Group Security Team HackFest Series August:
8/08/2009 10:00AM - 1:00PM

August's HackFest Lab at the Foundation for Blind Children will center
around puppet. We will have a one-ish hour of presentation, a puppet test lab
including a fully fleshed out securely setup puppet. We will take some
fest time to show how easy it is to pull strings, maintain
configurations and standards in any network comprising two or more
systems in order to improve systems security, change policies or
protect systems in a hurry.

Please see the upcoming http://www.linuxgazette.com July "Layer 8
Linux Security"  Puppet article for the lab presentation materials.

All PLUG events are full duplex,allowing for individual expansion
and enrichment as we follow our critical thought, rarely constrained by
anything other than setup time.  Dennis Kibbe, Adjunct Faculty at Mesa
Community College, and regular "iconic" figure at the PLUG
InstallFests will be our Special Guest FLAG, appearing with his
exceedingly clean, carefully configured and sticker decorated laptop
(on it's own network), in immaculate geek shirt, daring anyone to
successfully encroach his linux.  Dennis will give us a short
description of his linux system build at the end of the August lab.

Following PLUG HackFest acceptable use guidelines (to announce any and every
flag), you can social engineer, attempt to exploit services, and/or do
anything else you can get away with to take this FLAG during our 3 hour
"Puppet Theatre" session.  Accolades and prizes will be available for
any success.  http://www.linkedin.com/in/denniskibbe

We will have the disk burner setup (this time using local disk [rather
than USB - which was timing out and causing corrupted burns in July])
and be able to make persistent pendrives on the spot in Knoppix, BackTrack4
persistent or Ubuntu. Bring your media.

Again, we will be taking a stab at lock picking with a table with
tools and locks setup to ensure everyone can easily master these
simple fun skills.

Network and other facilities generously provided by the Foundation for
Blind Children.  PLUG HackFesters provide symbiotic linux build services to the
Foundation for Blind Children by setting up FOSS systems to be used for
Accessibility testing by blind children and others with disabilities
at the school.  http://www.seeitourway.org/contactUs.html

There is an open call for presentations and participants for HackFests.
We especially want to thank the PLUG community for turning out to make these
events exciting and fun.

Everything starts at around 10:00 and should break down around 13:00!

Map: http://www.google.com/maps?q=1224+Northern,+Phoenix,+AZ
Current Gazette Column: http://linuxgazette.net/164/kachold.html

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