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Linda lpahdoco at gmail.com
Mon Jul 13 13:05:07 UTC 2009

That's what I meant - I just didn't say it clearly.

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On Jul 13, 2009, at 2:01 AM, Magni Onsoien <magnio+lc-techtalk at pvv.ntnu.no 
 > wrote:

> On 2009-07-12 17:26:13 -0500, Linda said:
>> IIRC you have to set the two machinex.domains as aliases for
>> domain.com.  Then you'll need mx records that point to the two
>> servers. Give them a lower priority (higher number) than the primary
>> address so they won't get in the way of the main mail domain. Make  
>> the
>> user at machine either an alias of or forward to user at domain.
> What you are suggesting, is that the two machines will act as mail
> servers along with the main server. This means they should be up 24/7,
> AND that they should have the same anti-spam software as on the main
> server, including any database with greylisting/blacklistingdata.
> This may work, but I think the solution I suggest in another mail is
> easier and also scales well in case it's not only machine1 and  
> machine2,
> but machine[001-999] with different operating systems. (Of course the
> system on each machine should be configured to use user at domain.com
> rather than user at machineXXX.domain.com as sender of email so as few
> users as possible end up announcing and using the machine-address. For
> simplicity, not security.)
> Magni :)
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> sash is very good for you.

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