[Techtalk] initrd woes

Maria McKinley maria at shadlen.org
Wed Jan 28 07:22:26 UTC 2009

Maria McKinley wrote:
> Hello,
> I have made significant progress! I can now start init. Turns out there 
> are empty directories at the root level that need to be there that I 
> hadn't copied to the nfsroot. Not sure if all of these were important, 
> but adding emul, opt, selinux, and srv was what helped me. I'm not quite 
> out of the woods yet, though. Still having nfs issues. I start up with 
> the read only mounts that initrd made. This appears to be because 
> rpc.statd is not running. And it appears that rpc.statd is not running 
> because portmap is not running. But I don't know why portmap is failing. 
> If I try to start it from the command line, it fails silently. It seems 
> to be related to this bug, but this bug is suppose to be closed, and 
> fixed in portmap 6.0-9. Of course, this is the version I am using...
> http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=506995
> Not sure how to proceed. Does anyone have experience with bugs that are 
> suppose to be closed, but seem not really to be? Not even sure how or 
> where to post for that.
> thanks,
> maria

I downgraded to etch portmap 5-26, and now portmap starts, but statd 
still won't start. Of course statd is needed to do a rw mount, but if I 
try to start statd after I'm booted (the boot messages fly by too fast 
for me to see them, and there are no logs, since we are still read-only)
then I get: /var/run/rpc.statd.pid failed: Read-only file system

Catch-22. How bloody annoying. AARGH!!!! So damn close. I have a command 
line and everything!


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