[Techtalk] Writing to CD-RW

Anne Wainwright anotheranne at fables.co.za
Thu Dec 17 18:39:13 UTC 2009


I just set up a cd-rw to keep my favourite photos on, incrementing them
over time. I used to do this on Windows, where the cd-rw installs like
a hard drive and you can drag-and-drop files and it will write to the cd

In ubuntu using the gnome CD/DVD Creator this does not happen, it
successfully blanks the disk of everything already on it and then writes
the new stuff to the disk.

I use the F-Spot photo organiser which offers to export to CD, all goes
well until it gets to this roadblock when it hooks in to CD/DVD Creator.

Have looked at other available cd writing packages like cdrskin and
mybashburn but do not see that this issue is explicitly covered. Have
also done a search on my list of techtalk posts going back to only to
2006, and also on The Mail Archive, for any relevant discussion.
Nothing found.

Is this a fundamental difference in cd-rw philosophy on linux, am I
expecting something I am not going to get?

thanks for assistance in advance

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