[Techtalk] Router issue

Adelene Dawner adelenedawner at gmail.com
Thu Dec 3 13:49:05 UTC 2009

Hi all. I've been lurking for a while; this is my first post to the group.

I have a router/modem that I use for two PCs, wired, and one laptop,
wifi. I never set up security for the wifi - I piggybacked off of a
neighbor's unsecured wifi for a few months when I first moved here,
and I figured it was just neighborly to pay it forward.

That decision bit me in the butt earlier this week when someone else
apparently decided to set up security for me, on my wifi. I don't know
who did it, or the password that they used, or anything else of
interest in that direction, but I know that it's my personal wifi
that's affected, because when I manually turn wifi off at the router,
the secure signal that I'm looking at goes away. (Needless to say,
I've been keeping it off - if I can't use my wifi, nobody's going to.)

How can I fix this? I assume I can still communicate with the router
via the PC, but I haven't done so before - a friend helped me get the
router set up the first time, and my main PC used Windows at that
point. A quick google tells me that I might be able to completely
reset the router, but I assume I'd have to set it up again from
scratch if I did that, and I'd rather avoid that if I can - I get my
'net from Verizon, who gave me quite a hard time about using a
third-party router when it was first set up, and I'm not looking
forward to dealing with that again to get the information I'd need.

The router in question is a netgear dgn2000.

Information on how to secure the wireless once I have it back would
also be appreciated, though I'm sure I can find that myself if I look.


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