[Techtalk] ps3 woes

Natalee Thomason natalee.thomason at gmail.com
Thu Apr 16 15:52:43 UTC 2009

has anybody had to deal with a Playstation 3 blue ray drive stop
reading discs? I don't think it is engaging directly to spin the disk.
I took it apart and couldn't see anything obvious in the gears but it
started violently clicking like something was stuck when I fed power
to the unit when it was disassembled to test putting in a cd. The
reason I think this happened: I was playing a game, it froze, and like
a dummy I ejected the disc and tried to force it back in for some
reason. This has happened to my PS2 when I pop a disk while the power
is on, but all you have to do to get it working again is to apply
pressure to the door when it is closed and keep trying, and eventually
it 'resets' or whatever. It's a used unit with no warranty so I am
trying to fix it myself first.


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