[Techtalk] Installing XP without affectin Linux

Patricia Fraser trish at thefrasers.org
Thu Apr 2 21:27:23 UTC 2009


> > 1) Install WinXP on /dev/hda1 ; OK to format in NTFS?
> >   
> If possible, it would be better not to use ntfs because Linux
> usually can't write to ntfs.  However, when I dual boot I often
> make the system partition in windows be ntfs and then have a small
> fat32 partition, so there is someplace on the hard drive I can
> write to from both operating systems.

ntfs-3g is now very good and solid - I use it all the time, on
external drives that I move between systems. I think it's safe to use
NTFS for the XP partition.


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